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Thread: Question & Suggestion

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    I am right now lvl 37

    From the daily quests + camp + world boss + arena xp it comes to about 150 k for me on a daily basis

    To reach the next lvl i need 750k more. Total xp needed is 900k almost .

    It shouldn't take 3-4 days to lvl-up because everything is competitive on the server .

    And why the big gap between lvl 35 astrology and lvl 50 statue ?

    I've been spending alot of time playing the game every day and i don't feel i'm making a difference in lvl-in up or making my ship better .
    Last week i was in top 6-11 in arena this week i can't make it past 36 .......and i've been playing the same amount of time like last week trying to improve everything .
    Last thing i had on the server was astrology at lvl 35 i think , now the next thing is lvl 50 statue , why such a big gap ?
    I don't think this game will bring new players into the game in the current state , because they will always be at an disadvantage .
    The 1 primary mission per lvl is bad in my opinion , either make that mission give half of the xp needed for reaching next lvl or make more content to play and get that xp needed to lvl-up .
    I actually like the game but things need to improve , i hope you guys read this and make some changes for the better .


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    We need more spirit,not enough when done daily tasks,so getting stuff to up grade rudder or anything else is not going to happen.

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    Kozz S6

    sea storm... wave...wind storm... all random... reward if survive... differente strenght... place...

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    In the Statues , the amount of gold it takes to forge/upgrade statue is missing a 0, says 120000, but costs 1200000. It that way right from the level 1 of statue , every amount missing a 0

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    Would be nice to have a Database* or just a we could look and find for few little thing around...
    where to to get... Drop rate...etc..

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    I feel the game need more of an explination of attributes and such under the ? tab

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    ASTROLOGY..... problem....
    ok after spending over*** 10million doing 695 score**
    nerver..nerver got to hit for the (1,2,3,4,5) num 4 and thats never once.........
    + when i get to 2 and 3... blue and purple... i get a green on blue hit..or blue on purple...
    is this the way its made... the % to get up in the ladder** should be lower down or minimum adjust... and the green should drop on on blue...etc...

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    When undertaking World boss, it enviably ends up half covered by the icons, so many times your opening then up and have to close before continuing, so a lower placement would be better.
    S2 Blackwater

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    When clicking on warehouse in cabin it opens there are some items there, but they are not accessible for usage, what is this, why not accessible and no explanation, clarification would be advisable.
    S2 Blackwater

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    Help and support,when submitting a ticket never receive confirmation email or ticket number... others say happens to them also.. needs looking into ..
    S2 Blackwater

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