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Thread: First activity in April,Come an See~

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    Red face First activity in April,Come an See~

    Dear players,
    Do you miss the activities in the forum and the surprised gifts?Now admin is come back and bring a wonderful activity to all of you!
    During Apr.14th~Apr.17th(UTC-5),comment the post and write down your favorite navigator,as well as your username and server in Pirate World!We will send you a gift after activity~

    Eg:My favorite navigator is
    Dias,who discovered the Cape of Good Hope in 1487. Username-Admin,S22

    *The gift will be sent to your account on Apr.18th(UTC-5)
    *The final interpretation of the activity is owned by Pirate World Operator.

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    My favorite navigator is Christopher Columbus, who completed 4 voyages across the atlantic ocean from Spain in 1492, 1493, 1498, and 1502. IGN: Anvil, Server: S13
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    my favorit captain is george Vancouver , for his travels on the west coast

    LordMalaki S-3.S-10

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    My favorite navigator is Francis Drake, who defeated Great armada. Username - Lamasu, S09 - Henry Morgan
    Lamasu - S09 Henry Morgan

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    Apr 2016
    My favorite navigator is Genda Minoru from Attack on Pearl Harbor
    Jarkk ,s21

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    My favorite navigator Sailor Jack and his black Pearl
    Tenebras s9 henry morgan

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    My favorite navigator is me. With my pixelled ship, I have become the most interesting man in the pirate world. I have discovered all there is to discover and have eradicated many pixelized foes.

    S-3 Yeshua

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    Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer, navigator, and colonizer, citizen of the Republic of Genoa. Under the auspices of the Catholic Monarchs of Spain, he completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean. Those voyages, and his efforts to establish permanent settlements on the island of Hispaniola, initiated the Spanish colonization of the New World.

    EaSyCoMpAnY S2

    SinBad S3

    lolandlol S5

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    My favorite navigator Epic Plank the son of Pirate leader Vincent..

    Spartac S6 S4 S18 S23
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    Feb 2016
    looking for an answered -write today get the answer in 10 days
    Compensation - compensation is mess,anything ..a mockery
    many servers and few players and many many bugs ,lags,etc,etc...and they are making fun of us

    a game of mess - where the admin,starts to make money and pleasure to play is no more

    It is becoming more expensive to buy something from the game....every update more expensive , to enrich them with real money

    shame shame and shame on you

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