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Thread: Announcement of Pirate World Renewal-2016/6/1

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    Post Announcement of Pirate World Renewal-2016/6/1

    To improve your gaming experience, all servers of Pirate World will have maintenance on Jun. 1st, 2016 from 04:00 to 05:00 UTC-5. We will update Pirate World with a new version for all players. Maintenance is expected to take approximately 60 minutes. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!

    1.‘Lucky Charm’ event is online from June 1st to June 12th. Claim reward time is June 13th

    A. During the event, players can obtain charm by completing certain game event each day.

    B. Charm can be used to exchange item in charm shop.

    C. If you collect enough charm, you will enter the rank to claim awesome reward according to your rank after event end.

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    2.Fortune Lotto event is online from June 1st to June 7th.

    A. During the event, all players can spin the wheel for free to get reward each day.

    B. You will get rare reward every 3 times you spin! Recharge certain amount to claim the rare item.

    3.Mr. Snowman event is online from June 1st to June 7th.

    A. When you make snowmen, you will get prize and corresponding snowman score in the meaning while.

    B. After the snowman score you obtain reach the certain amount, you can claim the personal reward in the event panel.

    C. After the total snowman score all players obtain reach the certain amount, all players on the server can claim the server reward. Additionally, the player who help server to break the snowman score boundary will receive special prize in the system mail.

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    4. Ascend event is online from June 1st to June 7th, rank reward claim time is June 8th.

    A. Click ‘start’ to jump to a grid on random and obtain the item in the grid, if the content is up arrow, climb up.

    B. Reach the summit and get prize, then restart from the very beginning.

    C. The floors rank will base on the total floors you climb during event period.

    D. Each player has one chance for free to climb every day. After that, it needs diamond to continue climbing.

    E. The climb progress will be reset to the 1st floor each day.

    5. Players now are able to click ‘pathfinding’ button to find enemy in the dungeon after maintenance.

    6. System will operate automatically for players when countdown is over during the battle.

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    Snowmen for the first summer day ?.. Really ?
    Lamasu - S09 Henry Morgan

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    All it is More events to try and coax the big spending players into parting with more money with Diamond based events hmmm go figure and the other players get further left behind and there is still no way to retain players

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    still haven't seen anything to help promote a schedule or advance notice of events coming up. Yes Admin you post them but not till only a few hours before they happen, a bit more notice would be nice. I'm sure you all have some sort of schedule you have up for this, an what you plan to put out. *still say you need to allow. More Team play HEll even promote it by rewarding Legions an there players with things that actually. Promote TEAM an Fair Play .. Not being Greedy an only thinking of One Self. BEcause if you truelly think about 1 can achieve greatness still an still Do well in World League. or even Cross Servers.

    Nocticulla S6

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