So, how much did Kiwi pay you guys off? Or is Kiwi a Bot to try to get players to pay more? I have a battle power of approx 2.5 times greater than Kiwi. My main character has more power than Kiwi's entire group. Kiwi is 6 lvls below me. So why do I constantly lose in head to head battles? 6 Levels up, and in Glad Arena, when I win, I receive 50-60 points. That only happens when one is much below another. Is Kiwi more powerful than we know? A Bot? I have spent anywhere from $15-$35 USD/wk. on this game over the past 3 years. I will never get past BVK, Nimrod, Silver Talon, and Francis Drake, unless I want to put WAY more money into this game than I want to. I understand that as reality. I do not understand Kiwi. Until I do understand Kiwi, feel lucky to get a penny.