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Thread: Holy Forking Excrement

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    Holy Forking Excrement

    My character, CraneClara, now stands at 1.42B. Kiwi at approx 500m. I still can't win in glad arena. I watched one of the battles. My guys never attack. WTF? Of course I lose. They advance unto death. Never, never, never, would any sane admiral, general, or even 2LT do that. They would be court martialed, or be "fragged" by their own troops. A 7 yo knows better. Onward into the valley of the shadow of death rode the gallant 600. Okay, so all the writing on paypal indicates the site is run by Chinese. So, understanding that the PLAN is still a defensive force, do you have to run the game as such? Arguably, aggression in the South China Sea can be called offence. But it is mostly to defend the area. Not to project power to, say, the US west coast. Or even the Persian Gulf. One old Russki carrier will not project. Please do not put your defensive measures on/in the game.
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